ITAIC’s food commodities sector provides top-notch trading services in various food products, including fish, rice, chocolate, meat, eggs, a variety of beverages, oil and many more. Our company is committed to identifying the best production sites for each of these products, guaranteeing the highest quality at the most competitive prices. We conduct thorough research and comparisons to determine the best options for each trading activity, taking into account factors such as production location, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging our extensive network, we have access to a broad range of options to provide our clients with optimal outcomes. In addition our company implements parallel trading, enabling us to import a diverse range of products that typically have a sole importer, ultimately leading to reduced prices for consumers. We also take accountability for quality control throughout the entire process, regardless of where the production occurs. Furthermore, we offer personalized packaging and design services to meet market demands, further enhancing our clients’ satisfaction.